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In view of raw material and cost advantage, thin film amorphous silicon solar panel has bigger development potential than crystalline silicon technology, which is favored by investors. Photovoltaic research institute shows that thin film solar cell technology to the market share reached 15% by 2010, up to 20% by 2015. With the improvement of technology and art, thin film solar has great development in recent years. This kind of solar panel can be designed into flexible and integrated with bag, building etc. Furthermore, because of its perfect performance in low light and high temperature conditions, people use them to build great solar energy plant in desert and design lots of application products for consumer, like wireless sensor, calculator, lawn lamp and watches.

Clear, safe and reliable renewable energy
Maintenance free and long life span
Great role in energy Strategic
Small amount of silicon based material, which is almost endless
Production process is relatively simple
Good performance at above 45 degrees and below 25 degrees
Perfect electricity output performance in cloudy and rainy days
Thin and light, be made into various size of solar panel, for example, foldable solar module, BIPV.

Renewable Energy, make our world continuous through reducing CO2 emission
Reduces electricity bill and creates energy independence
Reliable and virtually maintenance-free power generation
Silent energy producer, there is absolutely no noise made from photovoltaic panels as they convert sunlight into usable electricity.
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  Small photovoltaic solar  module
    BS-33 1V Solar Panel
    BS-39 Anti-scratch Solar Panel
    BS-40 200mA Frosted Solar Panel
    BS-41 260mA Epoxy Solar Panel
    BS-42 3.5 Watt Solar Panel
    BS-51 Matt Solar Panel
    BS-65 1.6W Solar Panel for Roller Shade System
   BS-66 3 V 170 mA Poly Si PV Panel
    BS-67 8 V 1.7 Watt Built In Solar Panel
    BS-68 2.4W 6V 0.4A Black Framed Solar Panel
  Photovoltaic solar cell
  (indoor use)
    BS-04 5μA solar cell
    BS-34 3.5μA Solar Cell
    BS-55 6.5V 11μA solar panel

   Photovoltaic solar panel
   (outdoor use)
    BS-25 2 Volt Solar Cell
    BS-26 4.5V Solar Cell
    BS-27 3.5V Solar Panel
    BS-28 6V Solar Panel
    BS-56 2V 25mA Solar Module
    BS-57 2V 20mA Solar Module
    BS-58 6.5V 30mA Solar Module

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