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There are adequate, affordable, non-toxic and non-polluting sources of silicon material for crystalline solar panel, which occupies about 80% of world photovoltaic solar market. Because of its easy preparation of material, the most mature process, the highest conversion efficiency, crystalline silicon solar panels have a wide range of development and application. We expect that no other technology can replace it the first place in the next 20 to 30 years. With the expansion of production scale and technology continuous improvement, achieving grid parity target for solar energy will be getting closer and closer, and ultimately compete with thermal power and wind power.

Clear Energy
Abundant material sources
With the best cost effective
Long product life ensures the invertors have good return
Mature production technology and perfect stability.
Power output efficiency highest 20%
Widely used in large scale power plants, residential roof, remote mountain areas, rural areas and application products.

Solar electricity power plants and personal solar panels produce zero emissions and make no adverse mark on the environment
Sustainable, reliable and renewable energy
Silent producer of energy


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  Small photovoltaic solar  module
    BS-33 1V Solar Panel
    BS-39 Anti-scratch Solar Panel
    BS-40 200mA Frosted Solar Panel
    BS-41 260mA Epoxy Solar Panel
    BS-42 3.5 Watt Solar Panel
    BS-51 Matt Solar Panel
    BS-65 1.6W Solar Panel for Roller Shade System
   BS-66 3 V 170 mA Poly Si PV Panel
    BS-67 8 V 1.7 Watt Built In Solar Panel
    BS-68 2.4W 6V 0.4A Black Framed Solar Panel
  Photovoltaic solar cell
  (indoor use)
    BS-04 5μA solar cell
    BS-34 3.5μA Solar Cell
    BS-55 6.5V 11μA solar panel

   Photovoltaic solar panel
   (outdoor use)
    BS-25 2 Volt Solar Cell
    BS-26 4.5V Solar Cell
    BS-27 3.5V Solar Panel
    BS-28 6V Solar Panel
    BS-56 2V 25mA Solar Module
    BS-57 2V 20mA Solar Module
    BS-58 6.5V 30mA Solar Module

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