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60mA 4V 0.24W Solar Cell with Lead Wires
  Small photovoltaic solar  module
    BS-33 1V Solar Panel
    BS-39 Anti-scratch Solar Panel
    BS-40 200mA Frosted Solar Panel
    BS-41 260mA Epoxy Solar Panel
    BS-42 3.5 Watt Solar Panel
    BS-51 Matt Solar Panel
    BS-65 1.6W Solar Panel for Roller Shade System
   BS-66 3 V 170 mA Poly Si PV Panel
    BS-67 8 V 1.7 Watt Built In Solar Panel
    BS-68 2.4W 6V 0.4A Black Framed Solar Panel
  Photovoltaic solar cell
  (indoor use)
    BS-04 5μA solar cell
    BS-34 3.5μA Solar Cell
    BS-55 6.5V 11μA solar panel

   Photovoltaic solar panel
   (outdoor use)
    BS-25 2 Volt Solar Cell
    BS-26 4.5V Solar Cell
    BS-27 3.5V Solar Panel
    BS-28 6V Solar Panel
    BS-56 2V 25mA Solar Module
    BS-57 2V 20mA Solar Module
    BS-58 6.5V 30mA Solar Module

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