What are solar cells, mono & poly solar panels (or PV modules)?
1. What is a solar cell? A: Solar cells are semiconductor devices that convert solar radiation directly into electrical energy based on the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors. Commercially available solar cells are mainly of the following types: monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, amorphous silicon solar cells, and currently there are Cadmium tellurium cells, copper indium selenide cells, and nano titanium oxide sensitized cells etc. Crystalline silicon (single crystal, polycrystalline) solar cells require high purity silicon raw materials, generally re...
What is the Development Status and Trend of High Efficiency Solar Cells?
On November 12, 2018, the “OFweek 2018 (9th) China Solar Photovoltaic Summit Forum hosted by OFweek Solar Network, hosted by China’s high-tech industry portal OFweek, was held in Shenzhen. Photovoltaic elites from all over the country gathered in Shenzhen to actively interact with industry-recognized experts and business representatives to discuss the development of solar photovoltaic industry, market status, future technology trends and investment and financing opportunities. The atmosphere was lively and interactive. Professor Zeng Xiangbin from Huazhong University of Science and Tec...
After the National Energy Administration symposium, what is the future direction of the PV industry?
It is reported that in the next month or more, the National Energy Administration will focus on accelerating the introduction of relevant policies for the photovoltaic industry in 2019 to provide guarantee for the stable development of the market. On November 2nd, at the time of the Wuxi New Energy Exhibition, when the friends of the PV circle met at the exhibition, the topic of sitting down and talking mainly focused on how the enterprise will transform and develop,how to find new opportunity, how to hold the group to warm up, and survive the industry winter in the post-5.31 policy era. At ...
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